Itís a joint consisted of spindles, gears and other accesoires that unloks LADA-Niva front drive.

You can unlock it without stop the car, and circulating at any speed with the only safe o push the clutch at the same time, like you do when changing gears.

LADA-Niva doesnít lose its features in 4x4 working, and in 4x4 with differential block modes; with KIT PROMOLADA 4x2 it wins one more posibility : Circulate with only rear wheel drive.

KIT PROMOLADA 4x2, is a product invented, developed, patented, homologated and made by the spanish enterprise : PROMOLADA, S.L.
KIT PROMOLADA 4x2 allows to:
LEES consume.
LEES front pneumatics wear.
LEES front transmisions wear.
LEES clutch wear.
MORE smoothness direction (it feels when parking, and in a comfortable drive on curved highways).
MORE crusingand maximum seed.
MORE acceleration.
MORE funny. With only rear wheel drive, car has more sport conduct.
EQUAL safety, as it can change from 4x2 to 4x4 anytime and at any speed, regardless of ground conditions.
Each kit contains manual installation and operation.
The installation can be done in an hour or hour and a half, if you have ideas of mechanics and if you have a pit or hoist.

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